Ra-Ra-Raffia! It’s the material of the summer! If you don’t already have some raffia pieces, you definitely need to get your hands on some. It’s raffia mania and you don’t want to miss out! Have you ever wondered what the heck it is? Or how to travel with it? Not only do we want to show you how to wear it but we want you to know what it is and how to take it with you on those fabulous vacations you have planned! 

1. What is raffia?

Raffia comes from the Raffia Palm Tree. The fibers are taken from the raffia leaves which is then turned into a ribbon like material. The material is almost like paper so it’s extremely like weight. That is one of the best features when it comes to earrings! We can’t help but have summer on our minds and these earrings could not be more perfect for summer days and summer vacays!

2. How to Wear It

A lot of raffia earrings are big and colorful so have fun with this one! Especially if you are on a trip somewhere tropical. The ivory colors work great with all white looks or chambray tops. And the colorful ones look great with florals and even neutrals to add a pop of color. Coral and turquoise are the perfect complement for black and are always classic summer colors! These earrings work well with many types of necklaces and bracelets.

raffia earrings fashion trend jewelry subscription

raffia stud earrings fashion jewelry subscription service

raffia statement earrings fashion jewelry subscription service

raffia statement earrings fashion jewelry subscription service

3. How to Travel With It

This is a great summer material because of the fun colors! These are great for a tropical beach vacation. Pack them nice and flat in some tissue paper. If you have some foam, wrap them up in that too. Then stick them in your traveling jewelry pouch or even just a ziploc bag! Wrap them up and you’re good to go!

Packing jewelry for a trip can be a bit tricky sometimes. That’s why we like to suggest your Boxx Jewelry pouches! Follow the easy steps below to make sure your raffia travels safe this summer!

what is raffia earrings fashion jewelry subscription

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Now that your a pro on raffia, head on over to Boxx Jewelry to get your first boxx with some! If you’re already a customer, did you know you can use #boxxitup and comment on a picture of jewelry you like? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and comment on any pictures of things you like. We will do our best to get you what is in the pic!

Happy Styling,

Boxx Style Team

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