You’re busy working hard and networking. The last thing you might be thinking about is shopping. Sometimes you have to mix and match so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing the same thing from last week. I totally get it! Don’t worry though. Jewelry is a great way to change your looks and it’s easy! Whether you’re heading to a networking event or a happy hour with friends, here are some ways to transform your day look into a night look.

1. Switch out the delicate necklace for the chunky bib


It might depend on the type of job you have but I know a lot of busy business women keep it pretty moderate at work. Delicate classics are great for work so show off your trendy pieces at night. A bolder bib necklace is flirty and fun. Let that hair down!


2. Switch out studs for bolder earrings


Keep it classic for work and then change it up for your night again. Pearl, metal or Swarovski studs are always good classics. When you’re leaving the office, throw on some trendy tassel earrings or some fun dazzling earrings for some sparkle.


3. From flats to heels


This is an easy switch. Throw those heels in your car and switch them out on your way to your event. If you’re going to happy hour with friends then try out some fun colorful heels and that bold necklace or earrings. If it’s a work event then black pumps always work and some neutral trendy earrings.

Happy Styling,


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