‘Tis the season for holiday gifting! Do you have a holiday gift exchange coming up? Or maybe you just need some Christmas presents for the lovely ladies in your life! Whether it’s your girlfriend, your co-worker, aunt, sister, mom or mother in-law, we’ve got you covered! The following reasons explain why Boxx Jewelry is a great idea for you.

1.  She Loves Jewelry

What girl doesn’t like jewelry? Ok, maybe some don’t, but A LOT of them do! I’m sure you know your loved one well enough to know whether they like jewelry or not. The great thing about jewelry is, it always fits! Jewelry works for all body styles.

2. She Is Hard to Shop For

Sometimes women are hard to shop for. Well, maybe we’re always difficult to shop for. Do you have a woman in your life that has everything or can never make up their mind? If that’s the case, let boxx jewelry do the work for you! Let us take the stress off your plate. Simply give a gift card and we’ll do the rest for you!

3. Boxx Jewelry Is An Experience

A Boxx Jewelry gift card isn’t just another gift card. It’s a gift for an experience! You want something special for your loved one and you want to make sure it’s just right. The person who receives the gift will get to fill out a fun style profile. Then a Boxx Jewelry stylist will hand select pieces that will fit just for her. She’ll receive a boxx of jewels in the mail, try them on in her own home, keep what she loves and send back the rest!

4. Gifting is Easy

We have 3 easy ways to gift Boxx Jewelry. You can simply have us mail the gift for you, e-mail the gift for you or you can print it off yourself! Boxx Jewelry is here to make life easier! Whether you are gifting to someone or getting a boxx yourself; let us do the work! We know your busy playing “Santa” so take some time for yourself as well.

Gift Boxx Jewelry – so easy, even Santa bought a gift card.

Fill out your Boxx Style profile!


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