Fashion jewelry is fun because it adds so many different elements to your style. You can truly use jewelry to define who you are! But everyone needs a few basics to get started. These are basics that you can always count on. These are pieces you might always wear and add to. Or these might be pieces you can count on when you don’t have anything else. Whether these are your “real” pieces or “sentimental” pieces they will always have a fit with fashion jewelry. 

I’ve picked five basics that every girl should have. I’ve also shown most of them worn with trendier pieces to show you how to incorporate your basics with the trends!

1. A delicate necklace

 this piece will always be a good layering option. You’ll want something that’s more basic so it matches a lot. That’s why a good diamond solitaire works or a little charm make a good choice!

2. Pearl or diamond stud earrings

you can’t ever go wrong with these. They are perfect to wear on their own if you just need a little something. Or pair them up with just about any necklace. Below, I’ll show you some great classic options, a trendier pair of pearl studs and then how to wear your pearl studs with a trendy choker necklace.

3. Delicate bracelet

this makes another great layering piece to have. A good durable thin bracelet will certainly pair up with other bracelet options! This can be a thin cuff, bangle or a link gold or silver bracelet. I chose some thin cuffs that can be worn one at a time, all together, or added with other bracelets.

4. Pearl necklace

a pearl necklace is good for the office or a special occasion. You can’t go wrong with a classic long strand of pearls or a short double layered bib. A long strand is always nice because you can layer them up to whatever length works for the outfit and occasion. I chose a double layered bib to show you worn by itself and then paired with some trendier earrings.

5. Tortoise

whether it’s a tortoise bracelet, necklace or earrings, you’ll find it matches a lot and it makes a great basic to add to! The piece below is great for work or casual weekends. Add a pop of color in your earrings or bracelets to mix it up!

Remember, these basics are going to be your go-to pieces. Boxx Jewelry can get you started with those basic pieces if you need. Boxx Jewelry is also great to add in your trendier pieces. Other pieces can always work with your basics so don’t be afraid to mix it up every now and then!

Happy Styling,


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