We’re excited to announce that we will be showcasing Akola jewelry for a limited time! The Akola Project is an amazing and easy way to give back!

What is the Akola Project?

1. Their motto at Akola is She works, She thrives. Akola has the meaning of  “she works”, and after seeing these beautiful products, you will see why their motto rings true. Having a job is important and necessary for most people, but for the women of Akola, it’s everything! The Akola project provides jobs for women in Uganda and Dallas, TX. The Akola women in Uganda are provided the opportunity to work from home and make money while still being able to take care of their children. Akola also helps women in poverty in Dallas by providing jobs and learning opportunities.

2. Women empowerment: Women are important worldwide and Akola helps recognize that importance. These Akola women make a living wage and provide for their families and their communities by creating these one of a kind pieces.

3. Handcrafted pieces: All Akola pieces are made from raw materials. Each bead is hand rolled by women in Uganda and Dallas help to handcraft each piece. Beautiful by design and grace.

4. Look good, feel great: Why not look good and feel great about it? You’re helping to make a difference with each Akola piece you buy. At Akola, 100% of product sales are reinvested to empower women and their families.

5. To learn more about these women and this beautiful mission please go to akolaproject.org.



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