Subscription services are everywhere these days. People are busier working or running around place to place with their kids. There just isn’t enough time to get to the mall and shop around for something! Have you tried out a subscription service yet? We’ve compiled a list of things to look for in a subscription service:

1. Cost

This should be the first question right off the bat. Check for any sign up costs, styling fees or flat rate fees. Find out if it’s a one time cost, a monthly cost or if it’s applied to anything. At Boxx Jewelry, we are upfront about the $15 styling fee. The best part is, it gets applied to your purchase!

You also want to check and see if the service caters to your budget. Sometimes these services are a one time fee and you get what you get. At Boxx Jewelry, we only send you pieces that are in your budget. You get to tell us how much you want to spend! And you can always adjust your budget! Check out what to expect at Boxx Jewelry.

budget boxx jewelry subscription service

2. Frequency

How often will you receive a boxx? Do you want a service that sends a boxx every month, every 3 months or just when you want it? Some services lock you in every month and make it difficult to cancel. At Boxx Jewelry, we set you up to receive a boxx every 3 months (season) but you can ALWAYS pause or cancel. It’s easy to pause your account or just email us if you are canceling!

Order boxxes at any time with boxx jewelry subscription service

3. Personalization

Are you looking for a service that sends the same thing to everyone or are you looking for a stylist to pick things specifically for you? The great thing about services that send everyone the same thing is that they are cheap! They usually don’t cost a whole lot but it’s usually not very personal.

When you choose a styling service, they usually take care of you. At Boxx Jewelry, we do our best to make it a personal experience for everyone. You can let us know if you are looking for something specific! You even get to tell us your style. We won’t send you trendy pieces if your a classic gal who only wears pearls and tortoise!

subit a style profile for fashion jewelry subscription service

4. Option to keep and return

Most subscription services are a flat rate fee and you get what you get. You usually don’t get to return anything. This might be great for some people but wouldn’t you like the option to return? At Boxx Jewelry, you get to keep what you want and send back what you don’t want. We like to send you options to choose from and try them on at home!

return what you don't want with boxx jewelry fashion subscription service

5. Easy and Fun

The service or services you choose should be EASY! No one wants to spend a lot of time signing up or following up with the company. We know you’re busy and that’s why you signed up for Boxx Jewelry. Jewelry can be an afterthought sometimes so let Boxx Jewelry surprise you with fun pieces that are picked out just for you! You should look forward to getting a boxx. We also make it easy to return. If you have a standard mailbox, you just bag it up, stick on the return label and place it in your mailbox.

receiving fashion jewelry subscription service

At Boxx Jewelry, we know you’re busy. Why not sign up for a fun service that’s easy to use and caters everything to YOU? Since we don’t charge you a flat rate fee, we technically are not a subscription service! Check out Boxx Jewelry and get your first boxx today!







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