Our story begins with family. More specifically, three sisters from Texas, who love to give each other fun fashion jewelry at Christmas each year. A great tradition they have done for a long time. Hannah, a jeweler by trade, found herself never having time to shop, especially because of the demands around Christmas time. So, she relied on purchasing her sister’s gifts online. The problem was, the jewelry she received never looked like the picture and the quality was always poor. 

That’s when, Christmas 2014, the idea was born. Find a solution for women who don’t have time to shop, don’t have time to style their constantly changing wardrobes, and need something delivered so they can touch and feel the product before buying.

This innovative idea was unique because there weren’t many companies who actually brought the store to the client, especially with a personalized stylist. We first began as Boxx Club, a niche company with cute ideas, but we quickly realized that cute wouldn’t cut it. We challenged and changed our strategy to give our clients a better everything. We evolved into a beautifully polished business that is focused on elevating our clients fashion jewelry experience. We became Boxx Jewelry, the premiere fashion jewelry company!

Our logo progression:

Boxx logo in all caps - grey

The current logo:

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