There’s nothing better than getting together with your girlfriends! A little wine, a little cheese and some gossip. We love to get together with our girlfriends as often as possible. It’s empowering to be with your girlfriends and have an awesome night chatting and laughing away. They are your support system and are there for you no matter what! We get together often to watch the Bachelor so this past week we decided to do a wine tasting. It was a fun way to experience new wine and discover new tastes. We wanted to share our feedback!

wine tasting girls night out

girls night wine tasting with cheese

Wine 1: 1000 Stories Zinfandel

We started with this wine first since it was the lightest. It’s a Californian bourbon barrel-aged zinfandel. Every one of us really liked this one. It was smooth, light and fruity, and went perfectly with our variety of cheeses.

Wine 2: Saladini Pilastri Monteprandone

Now that’s a mouthful to say! We chose this wine since it scored 90 points at a local wine store. It’s also green friendly. Who knew that was a thing? This Italian wine is aged 18 months in French oak barrels. It had a nice spice and was definitely heavier than the zinfandel.

Wine 3: D’Autrefois Pinot Noir

We tried this wine last since it would most likely be the heaviest of the three. This was the number one pinot noir as the best value for the price at our local wine store. It’s a French wine that was very smooth. It had great subtle flavors of cherry and vanilla!

girls wine night out fashion jewelry bracelets

Since we couldn’t all agree on a favorite we can at least say they were all great wines. It depends on your preferences. If you like heavier wines then go with the Pinot or Monteprandone. If you like lighter wines then go with the Zinfandel. Either way, you’re making a great choice with either of these wines.

If you’re doing a girls night in, keep it casual. You don’t need to get all dolled up to impress your close friends. Throw on a sweater and jeans. Pair your outfit with a classic beaded necklace or trendy tassel pendant and a stack of beaded bracelets or a classic gold metal piece.

beaded bracelets and necklace girls night wine fashion jewelry

beaded fashion necklace jewelry service

tassel pendant necklace fashion jewelry service

Make time for your girlfriends soon and try out these wines. It’s fun to see what everyones tastes are and makes for some fun new conversation!


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