Ladies, look no further! Your hot new earring trend report is here, and we’re loving the fun, feminine, and funky trends.¬†Earrings can flawlessly top off that perfect outfit you’ve been dying to wear! They are the complete icing on top of your cake. If you are a classic gal, keep them small and dainty. If you’re a bold girl then make a splash! Or, if you walk the wild side and are a little of both, then we too have just what you need for this Spring and Summer. So check out the exciting earrings trends below, and get ready to look fabulous!

Raffia Trend

Ra-Ra-Raffia defines the perfect Spring and Summer style! Raffia’s extremely light weight material helps you feel like you aren’t wearing any earrings at all. You’ll see raffia embellished in jewelry but you’ll see it in shoes and handbags as well. You can keep your look classic with cream tones or go for the colorful ones for a bold and trendier look!

raffia jewelry trend spring summer fashion

Raffia jewelry earrings fashion trend

Floral Trend

Flowers are in bloom this season, and we completely agree that they define the epitome of pretty and feminine. We can’t help but feel super flirty with this trend! You will see this trend come in all shapes and sizes. If you are a delicate girl then go with some simple floral studs. If you like to standout then go with statement floral earrings. And if you’re in between then go with a beautiful drop earring!

floral stud earrings fashion jewelry trends

floral statement earrings fashion jewelry subscription

floral drop earrings fashion jewelry trends

Hoop Trend

Hoops continue to keep rockin’ the trends with simple and elegant new twists! Metal hoops are always a must have in your collection. Gold and silver serve up more of a classic feel, and for a trendier look, you are good to go with some beaded or geometric ones. You can hardly ever go wrong with a good set of hoops, so have fun with any style!

hoop earring trend fashion jewelry

classic hoop earrings fashion jewelry

Statement Trend

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to make a STATEMENT?!¬†Statement earrings are all about fun and standing out. Right now we’re seeing HUGE earrings making the real announcement. The nice thing about a lot of these earrings is that size has no limit. Many larger than life statements are clip-on’s, so they wont damage your ears. So ladies, don’t be afraid to stand out, have some fun, be bold, and get noticed!

statement earrings fashion jewelry trends

statement earring trends fashion jewelry subscription service

turquoise statement earrings fashion jewelry subscription service

classic statement earrings fashion jewelry subscription service

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