Woohoo the superbowl is almost here! The Cowboys are playing, right? Oh, wait, no they aren’t! Ok, I’m not really that excited about the game but I’m definitely looking forward to Justin Timberlake and the yummy food! I love Justin and I love food. It’s a win-win for this chica! I love to look cute for the big game and eat some healthy snacks. 

healthy super bowl snacks fashion jewelry subscription service

healthy super bowl snacks

I love these game day snacks because I want to stick to my New Years resolutions. There’s plenty of yummy ideas to help keep us on track. Check out the following links for some great healthy party ideas:

Healthy Seven Layer Dip: The key to this is keeping the ingredients low in fat and your chips as healthy as possible. Go for the baked tortilla chips for a healthier chip option.

healthy snack seven layer dip

Tomato and Mozzarella Bites: I love options like this. It’s quick and easy to make and provides a great burst of flavor!

caprese salad skewers healthy snacks

Homemade Hummus: Homemade hummus is always a good snack option. Low fat baked pita chips and veggies offer a good healthy option to accompany your hummus.

hummus carrots pita chips healthy snacks

Herb Marinated Chicken Skewers: Who doesn’t love a good chicken skewer? The marinade on this recipe is absolutely delicious and the harissa adds just the right amount of kick!

chicken skewers healthy snacks super bowl

Social Sparkling Wine: This new wine is going to be a big hit! Not only is it refreshing but it’s only 88 calories! I recently saw them on CNBC’s Billion Dollar Buyer and loved their story. I was able to find it at a local speciality store.

healthy alcohol super bowl snacks

healthy super bowl snacks alcohol

Sticking to your goals and eating healthy is hard to do. I hope you guys can enjoy the Super Bowl with these easy snack ideas so you won’t have to feel bad about it!

Throw on a cozy sweater or your favorite team jersey and keep your jewelry casual. Since my team won’t be in the game, I’ll keep it casual with my grey sweater and jeans. I chose one of my favorite necklaces that’s easy to throw on with so much! My CZ studs are almost always my go-to earrings when I’ve got a necklace on and then I keep my bracelets simple and classic. You can achieve this look as well with your favorite pieces!

Have fun and go team!



For more healthy snack ideas, check out Good Housekeeping and Food and Wine.



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