The April showers have brought plenty of May flowers and they couldn’t be prettier! The fragrances and pure beauty is undeniable! At Boxx Jewelry, we’re very excited to see this flower trend. If you love to feel fresh and flirty then this is the perfect earring experience for you! The great thing about this trend is that it can work with any style.


These are great for delicate and conservative girls. Don’t worry, we get it! Sometimes, studs are the best way to go. They can be subtle yet smart. But you can always be trendy! 


These are great for our moderate girls. You like to be stylish and sophisticated, but maybe want to make a bit of a statement. Wearing these floral dangles will do just that. These are perfect for you!


Go BIG or go home, right? This phrase always works for jewelry, and right now BIG is in! So don’t be afraid to stand out!

How to Style

You’ll find a lot of flower earrings are colorful which is great for the Spring and Summer. Just find a color in your blouse or dress that complements the earrings. Another great option is to keep your outfit neutral and let the jewelry add a pop of color! The studs are great for casual wear, the drops are great for a trendy look at work, and the statement ones are great for a night out! This trend is a win win win for your entire wardrobe!

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Whether you like these dainty, moderate, or statement pieces you’re going to look vibrantly stylish! Have fun wearing these floral beauties for all occasions!


Happy Styling,

Boxx Style Team

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