You’re probably used to seeing lariats in a more western setting but that’s not the case anymore! Of course they’re still around in western wear but they’re making their way into other fashion industries. Some lariats can be worn one way looped through. Others can be worn multiple ways. That’s the fun thing about them! Who doesn’t like a versatile piece that they can change up each time they wear it?!

This is such a great neutral necklace. It can be worn with almost anything from solids to patterns. The fact that it’s a lariat is even better because I can wear it multiple ways! It’s shown worn long and tied off. I’ve also shown it looped around my neck and worn shorter.

This piece is a more modern take on the lariat. The cool grey tones of the beads make it look great with blacks and whites.  Have you tried a lariat?  How do you like to wear them?

Happy Styling,



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