Boho fashion is trending right now but for some its been their go to for many years! Whether you’re in your twenties or your sixties, it can work for anyone! It’s all about how you feel. Boho styles are about a free spirit. Being independent and having a peaceful mind. We first saw this style back in the 1960’s during the hippie movement. Women were definitely feeling the love then as they are now! The clothes are loose and flowy and your jewelry will radiate with positive vibes. Check out the boho jewelry trends and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle!

Boho Jewelry Trends

You probably first think of dainty layered jewelry when it comes to boho, but there are many different looks and styles to get that right feel for you! Below you’ll see some great boho pieces that you can find at Boxx Jewelry!

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Everyday Boho

Boho can definitely be an everyday look. Some really great boho trends are feathers, wood, fringe, and leather. You can never go wrong with some combination of those materials in your every day world. Boho is such a great way to express who you are so express that individuality!

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Beachy Boho

Can you hear the waves crashing, feel the wind blowing through your hair, or smell the crisp ocean air? There’s nothing like a good sea breeze to feel at peace! Pair some natural stones with your beachy looks or tortoise. Those are great materials to go with pops of color at the beach!

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Festival Boho

With festivals like Coachella coming up you’re probably wondering what to wear. The festivals are just as much about fashion as they are the music! Rock and roll with some soul. Since it’s likely to be hot you’ll want to keep your jewelry pretty light and dainty. Layering creates a great boho-chic look. Chokers are great for layering as well as beaded bracelets. Earthy natural colors are always great boho chic jewelry choices.

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Whether you’ll be dancing the night away at Coachella or getting your brunch on, we hope you can find a way to let your boho spirit show! Have fun layering, mixing and matching, and embracing those good vibes!

Peace, Love, and Happy Styling,

Boxx Style Team



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