New Years Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year! It’s a time when people can look forward to the future and to new beginnings. It’s a time for friends and loved ones to come together and celebrate all the good in their lives. It’s the one night that everyone can really forget about anything tough in their life and just celebrate new opportunities! The New Year should bring so much joy so make sure you look fabulous ringing it in!

1. All Things That Glitter

‘Tis the season for sparkles! Have I said that enough? I personally enjoy sparkles year round but if you are someone who doesn’t, do be afraid to do it up right for NYE. Sequins scream NYE to me so live it up! Keep your jewelry fairly simple if you want the dress to be the statement. Or go big and add even more shimmer!

fashion subscription jewelry sparkles for nye

2. Velvet

Velvet is another great option for NYE. Velvet is still very trendy this year. I have been a very big fan of it! I love the rich tones in velvet, so greens, reds, dark blues, and of course black! If velvet is done right, it can be very sexy and elegant. Add your glitzy earrings, necklaces or bracelets to provide shimmer for this look. Or throw on your beautiful pearls for a classic look.

fashion subscription jewelry crystals nye trends

fashion subscription jewelry velvet nye trends

3. Red Coat or Faux Fur

NYE can be very elegant so make sure to throw on your beautiful faux fur or add a pop of color with a red coat! I paired my red coat with the sequin dress and the faux fur with the black velvet dress.

fashion subscription jewelry nye trends

fashion subscription jewelry faux fur nye trends

4. Jewelry

Make sure your jewelry is perfect! You can’t go wrong with pearls, crystals or plain metals! If you’re going for an edgy look, wear plain metals. If you’re going for a cute and flirty look, wear pearls and if you really want the wow factor, then go with the crystals!

fashion subscription jewelry sparkles nye trends

fashion subscription jewelry faux fur nye trends

fashion subscription jewelry crystals nye trends

Hope everyone has a wonderful NYE and an amazing New Year. Here’s to 2018!




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