Spring is almost officially here and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Whether it’s warming up or still a little chilly where you live, it’s time to start freshening up your accessories look. Spring is all about new beginnings and things coming to life. The runway is definitely a place where this life takes shape! The fashion is always over the top on the runway. Go big or go home! You don’t always have to dramatize things the way they do on the runway but it is fun to do it up.

There are so many fun trends this Spring. From statement earrings to chokers to floral trends. We saw the beginning of these trends last year and they are prettier and lovelier this time around! Check out the pictures below and get ready for these awesome Spring trends!


Not only are the flowers in bloom but our jewelry is in bloom too! Flowers are so pretty and feminine. We can’t get enough of the gorgeous floral trend!

spring trend floral earrings and jewelry

Badgley Mischka – New York, Spring 2018 – Livingly.com

flower earrings spring jewelry trends

flower earrings spring jewelry trends

Statement Earrings

Statement is an understatement for some of the earrings seen on the runway. Make a statement with giant pearl studs or have fun with trendy raffia earrings like Boxx Jewelry’s blue tiered earrings. Or try going with just one statement ear as seen on the Zimmerman runway.

statement earrings fashion jewelry spring trends

Victoria Hayes – Spring/Summer 2018

pearl statement stud earrings fashion jewelry

statement fashion jewelry earrings

statement earrings fashion jewelry

Zimmerman – Spring 2018

statement earrings fashion jewelry subscription


Layering is not just for your delicate pieces anymore. Layer up your long pieces like they do on the runway. We’ve got lots of great layering options at Boxx Jewelry. Below you’ll see what it looks like as you add a layer. This Spring, one necklace isn’t enough!

layering necklaces fashion jewelry

layering necklace fashion jewelry

layering necklaces fashion jewelry

layering necklaces fashion jewelry


Chokers are all over the place. They might be super casual or beautiful and intricate like the Alexander McQueen one below.

choker necklace fashion jewelry

Alexander McQueen – Paris Fashion Week – Spring 2018

choker layering necklace fashion jewelry

classic choker fashion jewelry

choker necklace fashion jewelry

Step out of your comfort zone this Spring and get everything you need at Boxx Jewelry. Let our stylists hook you up with the latest trends so you can feel sexy and confident!

Happy Styling,

Boxx Style Team


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