It’s back to school time again! Whether you’re a student, a teacher or a professional we want you to still look fashionable with that smart watch. Your smart watch is your lifeline. We get it! We just want you to look fabulous while wearing it. 

It’s easy to stack bracelets with your smart watch. You can dress it up or dress it down. Whatever the occasion you can still rock it!

I’ve found that stretch bracelets and oval bangles work really well with my smart watch. For your smaller bracelets, I would suggest wearing them above your watch. For larger bracelets that sit further down on your wrist, I would wear them below the watch.

Below you’ll find some ideas on how to style your dressy looks, your casual looks and your work attire.

Glitz up that smart watch! I wore the smaller bracelets on top of the watch and the larger one below it. I like to stack the watch in the middle to disguise it just a little bit. These glitzy bracelets will definitely steal the spotlight!

Let’s go Cowboys! We’re getting excited for the upcoming season here in Dallas. Can’t wait to show off my new gear and still look fashionable! I chose some neutral beaded bracelets for this look. It’s very casual for an effortless look!

Stack those bracelets with your watch when your heading in to work! Pair some thinner bracelets for a more subtle look. Also, they won’t get in the way as much when typing!

Have fun stacking those bracelets with your smart watch!

Happy Styling,



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