Do you have an event coming up? Maybe a wedding, a gala or even just a girls night out? If you know what you’re wearing but need some help in the accessories department, we’ve got you covered! The Event Boxx is the perfect answer. There is nothing more frustrating then having something in mind that you want but you can’t find. Maybe you have the perfect outfit but it’s not complete until you have the perfect jewelry. That’s where we come in. Let Boxx Jewelry do the work for you. It’s that easy! We’ll walk you through Kelsey’s experience to show you how to have the best¬†Event Boxx¬†experience:


Sign Up

You’ll have to create an account to get started so we know who to send a boxx to! Nothing out of the ordinary. We’ll also need the date of your event. Make sure you are at least 10 days out from your event. Kelsey’s event is coming up on March 31st. Let’s see what she’ll be wearing!

Style Profile

The style profile is lots of fun and pretty quick. It can be super quick if you have no preferences but the more ideas you give us the better we can style you! Check out Kelsey’s profile below to see how we’ll style her.


Be sure to upload any pictures you have for your event. It’s super easy to take a screen shot of the dress, the shoes and purse you purchased for your event. Or take your own picture if it’s something you already have. Again, the more details we have about your event and what you’ll be wearing, the better we can style you! We’d love to see your face as well.


Let us know the total amount you’d like to spend on your purchases. We’ve got great stuff for every budget!


Is there anything else you feel like your stylist needs to know? Be sure to let your stylist know about any other preferences!

Receive Boxx

You’ll receive your Event Boxx within 1-2 weeks, depending on your event time. Look at the gorgeous earrings and bracelet option Kelsey will receive in her boxx!



event jewelry styled subscription service


Send Boxx Back

Once you’ve decided on what you’re keeping, just boxx everything neatly back up and send it back in the return pouch. It’s so simple and fun; you’ll want to do it again and again! Sign up for your Event Boxx now!


Happy Styling,

Boxx Style Team






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