Black is a classic and it can be done in the summer! You can never go wrong with black. We know these Texas summer days are HOT so make sure you pick a lighter fabric like linen to stay cooler.

I personally like to be colorful in the summer so if I wear black I’m going to add color in my accessories. Coral is a beautiful accent with black in the summer. That is usually my go to! Turquoise compliments as well and any bright multi colors work too. For a less colorful look, try pairing wood pieces with your black. That will make the outfit still summery.

If you’re looking to make a statement then go with color. If you’re looking to be more classic then go with gold and wood toned accessories.

This dress is great for the summer because it’s linen and it has a cute cutout in the back. I layered a wood beaded pendant and single layer necklace for a bolder look. I also stacked a grey bangle with a wood bracelet. And then I chose a simple stud earring since everything else made a statement.

I can’t get enough of these coral statement earrings! I’ve written about tassel earrings before, but I love this coral color. It is so beautiful for the summer and it works really well with black. This cold shoulder top only works with earrings so why not go bold?!

Check out my previous cold shoulder post for even more cold shoulder styles.

Check out this STATEMENT necklace! This necklace will definitely get you noticed. I paired this long multi-colored beaded necklace with a long maxi dress. If you’re on the shorter side, like me, then pair a long necklace with a long dress. Also, keep your earrings and bracelets simple when you wear a statement necklace.

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