I’m loving the cute handkerchief neck scarves this summer. They are a great accessory to add to any outfit. They look cute tied around your neck, in your hair or tied to your purse! Scarves are always a great addition to any outfit. The nice thing about these is that they are lightweight and usually a silk material so they’re aren’t too hot!

If you wear it tied around your neck then go with a more subtle earring. If it’s in your hair then you can either pair some fun earrings with it or a necklace depending on the neckline you’re wearing. And you can definitely wear bracelets with either of those options!

We had fun taking pictures around Seaside, Florida. We grabbed some yogurt at Dawson’s Yogurt and then some food and drinks at Bud and Alley’s. It was a hot day but it was a great day!

I chose subtle gold earrings to pair with my floral neck scarf. I also had another scarf that I tied around my purse. If you get hot you can always take the scarf off and tie it to the purse like Hannah did below!

Hannah chose some fun yellow statement earrings to pull out the yellow in the scarf. It was a very cute summer look! And the scarf looked great on her purse when she got hot!


Have some fun with this trend and don’t be afraid of color!

Happy Styling,



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