Who would have thought chokers would make a comeback?! Well, they did and they’re better than ever! We’re happy they’re back but in a much cuter way. We’re a big fan of the more neutral tones and metal collars.

The chokers are fun because there are so many different ways you can wear them. Some are long and some are short. Some can even be worn as a wrap bracelet as well as a choker! How cool is that?! You get two in one! Chokers are a trend right now but they can be worn casually or even in the office. Check out my office look and my casual looks below:

Same great neutral choker shown two different ways. A lot of people are wearing their chokers tied in a bow but just knot it if you’re not a fan of the bow!

I like the gold accents on this choker. It is a good contrast with the dark black. It is shown worn as a choker and a bracelet.

This is a great sophisticated take on the collar. The gold tones make it perfect for the office!

Happy styling,



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