Decisions, decisions…….are you a classic gold girl or are you a funky and edgy black leather girl? Everyone has their own style they gravitate toward. You might be classic and throw in some trendy pieces every now and then. Or you might be edgy with a little bit of prep. It’s ok to be multiple styles. Which ones are you?


1. Casual

Casual style is all about keeping your look easy. You might throw a piece of jewelry on here and there to look cute, but you’re not overly concerned about being decked out. This might be your go to style because everyone can use some casual pieces! These are great options for weekend errands or movie nights. Casual jewelry will usually be pretty delicate to moderate in size and lightweight.



2. Classic

Classics never go out of style! Jewelry materials like pearl, tortoise, wood, crystals, silver and gold metals are all timeless options. People like Jackie O and Kate Middleton are great examples of classic ladies!


3. Trendy

Do you like to stand out or try new things? Trendy style is all about keeping up with the latest and greatest. It’s also about having fun! Trendy jewelry can be super colorful or large in size for that wow factor!


4. Edgy

There might be some days when trendy and bubbly just won’t cut it. The days when you want to bring out your inner rocker and be edgy!  Edgy jewelry can incorporate leather, dark metal tones, and or more geometric shapes.


5. Boho

Boho is trendy in itself right now, but it’s a style that has been around since the Hippie days! Boho styles are about a free spirit, being independent, and having a peaceful mind. You probably don’t think too much about what you’re going to wear and you like to go with the flow! Boho jewelry is all about chokers, feathers, beads, leather and fringe!


6. Preppy

If your style is preppy then you’re probably pretty put together! Preppy style incorporates a lot of pastel colors for a cute girly-girl look. You’ll see fun florals and pretty jewels when it comes to preppy jewelry.


Mix ‘n Match

The great thing about jewelry is it’s easy to mix and match. You don’t have to be all classics and no trends. Classics and casual pieces are great go-to’s but you can always add trendy, edgy, or boho to those! You can definitely be casual, yet still trendy. Don’t be afraid to wear edgy earrings with a preppy bracelet. It can work!


Trendy mixed with Classic Style

Preppy mixed with Boho and Casual Styles

Classic mixed with Preppy Styles

Edgy mixed with Preppy Styles


So…..what style are you? Be sure to let us know when you signup or update your profile!


Happy Styling,

Boxx Jewelry

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